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  • Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA) was recently formed to meet the needs of the risk management profession for a nonprofit global association of risk professionals. It is developing the industry's most advanced risk management certification program.
  • Global Association or Risk Professionals is intended for professionals and contains a wide range of information on events and publications, proposes chats and discussion forums.
  • Society for Risk Analysis. The Society aims at bringing together individuals from diverse disciplines and from different countries to provide them opportunities to exchange information, ideas and methodologies for risk analysis and risk problem - solving. The site is devoted to description of Society's activities, events announcement, Risk Analysis journal and other related topics.
  • Strategic Asset Allience. The insurance investment specialists site, devoted to assistance in improving the company's financial results. Includes the discussion group and a wide range of news from the industry.
  • SOA (Society of actuaries). The Society of Actuaries is a nonprofit educational, research and professional society of 17,000 members involved in the modeling and management of financial risk and contingent events.
  • CAS (Casualty actuarial society). The purposes of the Casualty Actuarial Society are to advance the body of knowledge of actuarial science applied to property, casualty and similar risk exposures, to establish and maintain standards of qualification for membership, to promote and maintain high standards of conduct and competence for the members, and to increase the awareness of actuarial science.



  • Factset Research Systems, Inc. Factset helps the world's best investment professionals outperform. Stay ahead of global market trends, access extensive company and industry intelligence, and monitor performance with desktop analytics, mobile applications, and comprehemsive data feeds.
  • Rixtrema, Inc. Stress Testing Tools That Give You The Edge.
  • Lumina decision systems, Inc. develops, markets, and supports Analytica, the leading software package for creating, analyzing and communicating quantitative business models.
  • Palisade corporation. Produces software for risk and decision analysis: Excel add-in @Risk and the like.
  • Decisioneering. Provider of risk analysis software: Crystal Ball (Excel add-in) and related tools.
  • Vanguard software corporation. Provides standalone Monte Carlo simulation software. Seems to significantly exceed Cristal Ball and @Risk in calculations speed.

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