Modern risk systems
Papers published in 2004

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  1. Novosyolov A.A. Canonical representation of complete and partial preferences. Proceedings of the III All-Russian FAM conference, v. 1, Krasnoyarsk, 2004.

    Abstract. The paper is devoted to constructing a representative functional for decision-making under risk in case of partially known preferences. Representation is first studied on an abstract ordered set, then on a set of probability distributions. Examples are presented.

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  2. Novosyolov A.A. Canonical representation of preferences over a set of probability distributions. Proceedings of the International Scientific School "Modelling and Analysis of Safety and Risk in Complex Systems", St.-Petersburg, June 2004, 248-252.

    Abstract. Building a model of individual preferences is a key for rational decision-making under uncertainty. Since preference can hardly be studied completely, its approximation from partially known preference is very important. The present paper provides a framework for building such approximation for regular preferences on abstract partially ordered set, and then applies the results to preferences on the set of distributions, thus establishing a link to decision-making.


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